The Savannah Statement

The Savannah Statement

  • statement necklace made with titanium crystal quartz pieces and a central lapis lazuli stone
  • gold plated chevron chain
  • chain length: 18”

disclaimer: every stone has unique qualities and may vary from this photo. All my stones are approximately this size, but please feel free to contact my shop via email ( for inquiries or photos of my available stones before you purchase.


Lapis Lazuli: The Wisdom Stone

Lapis lazuli, one of the most sought-after stones since ancient times, represents wisdom, truth, and patience. The energy from this stone can connect the wearer to spiritual guardians and inspire good judgement.

Crystal Quartz: The Universal Stone

The quartz has universal properties, including energy enhancement and calmness for meditation. This stone removes negative energy, bringing about clarity to the mind and harmony to the body. All varieties of quartz are useful for spiritual growth.

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