The New York Stacker

The New York Stacker

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  • comes as a connected set, 3 parts

  • labradorite beaded chain, delicate gold-fill chain

  • layer 1: center labradorite gemstone

  • layer 2: stacked crystal quartz on delicate chain

  • layer 3: labradorite gems stone and weighted with 2 crustal quartz piece

  • chain lengths: 12” & 16” & 30"


Crystal Quartz: The Universal Stone

The quartz has universal properties, including energy enhancement and calmness for meditation. This stone removes negative energy, bringing about clarity to the mind and harmony to the body. All varieties of quartz are useful for spiritual growth.


Labradorite: The Creativity Stone

The labradorite is a stone known to strengthen intuitions and stimulate the imagination. The wearer absorbs the power to see through illusions and visualize goals.

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