The Manhattan

The Manhattan

  • delicate gold-fill chain, 13" around the neck
  • dainty chrysoprase, onyx labradorite gemstone in gold bezel setting
  • 8" gold fill dangle chain with sterling silver beads
  • please contact us via email for custom sizing:

disclaimer: every stone has unique qualities and could vary from this photo. Please feel free to contact my shop via email ( for inquiries or photos of my available stones before you purchase.


Labradorite: The Creativity Stone

The labradorite is a stone known to strengthen intuitions and stimulate the imagination. The wearer absorbs the power to see through illusions and visualize goals.

Chrysoprase: The Soul Stone

The chrysoprase allows energy to flow freely to the heart, making for a full and joyful soul. This stone encourages hope, by healing the heart of anxieties.

Onyx: The Guardian Stone

The black onyx is a stone known to guard against negativity. This stone inspires self-confidence and stability by calming fears and releasing sorrows.

metal color:
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