*These Are-A-Two of My Favorite Things* (best singing voice)

Shopping & Eating.

All the while, supporting local small businesses. Does it get much better? La Brasa has started a monthly tradition to give us a day filled with those two activities. Studdly was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing #ESomMarket this past March and June, and I simply can’t wait to go back.

Have you ever tasted a brunch so mouth-watering that you stuffed yourself to brim and still felt you could take down 10 more bites of that heavenly goodness? Well think of that, times 100, make it mexican, and add alcohol. A-MAY-ZINGGGGG. All I had to do was stand there with my gems, talk to the local brunchers/shoppers, while eating every last crumb of the delectable empanada (in March) or Pork Shoulder Sandwich (in June). 

Not to mention, I’ve made a bunch of new maker friends, who are all kick ass business owners like myself. Sharrel of Mud and Yarn is basically Insta-famous, but she still drags her butt out of bed on a Saturday morning to make it to La Brasa because it is THAT GOOD. Elizabeth paints beautiful rocks (see below) ON THE BEACH for a living, and SHE even tore herself from the serenity for La Brasa. 

What we all love about the E Som Market is that it’s all about the community, not the competition. La Brasa simply wants us local makers to succeed, as we want this amazing local restaurant to flourish. SO it’s a win-win. We bring in our customers for brunch, and they bring their brunchers in to shop at our tables.


Plus, they are kind enough to allow us hustling makers in for free. Craft fairs and most showcases require a fee for vendors to show, which can make our days, as small business owners, even more stressful than usual. We hope to make enough in sales every time we arrive at a show, but as it is never guaranteed, the weight is on our shoulders that we are not losing out on a day of hard works. MAD PROPS TO LA BRASA FOR BEING SO CHILL, amirite?

(see smiles below for proof of love for La Brasa.)