The Sun Will Shine Again

It's no secret that I hate the cold. I mean, hate it to the point where if it's below 50 degrees and I step outside, I sprint to the next indoor location. My teeth chatter uncontrollably. I stand in front of my space heater intermittently during the day. But worst of all, the cold totally throws me into seasonal depression.

Although we've had a mild winter, this season has been particularly hard for me. Many moments of self-doubt, very little inspiration, and no motivation to create new things filled my January and February. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was trying to create but nothing was working. I was forcing new products to be made but with no upcoming shows, so I had little opportunity for customer feedback. Sales are slow in the few months post-holiday, and I was not handling it well. The social isolation from working at home was killing me.

I'm making the changes in my work life I need to make to bring back my creativity, revive my passion, and just enjoy being a 24-year-old again. Anyone have recommendations for great co-working spaces in Boston? Let me know!

My world after the holidays came to a startling halt. And just when I thought it would never start spinning again, the Universe shouted "HEY, THE SUNSHINE IS COMING BACK! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE. HANG IN THERE." I think I was at my grandparent's house when the Universe got my attention, because while I was visiting them, I made a Floral Watercolor that's now available as a print in my shop. I'm not even a painter, I hardly even touch watercolors, and I've never sold artwork other than my jewelry in my life. My daydreams of spring flowers that day inspired me. I created something for myself. I created something that was pure inspiration. AND PEOPLE LOVED IT. I posted the photo of my work space in a Facebook group for creative entrepreneurs, and it gained hundreds of comments and over 1,600 likes! I sold the original that day and have been selling prints ever since.

Right after that major ego boost, I was asked to be a judge for the Mass Art All School Show. I was totally shocked that a fine arts school (filled with artists 50x more talented than me) felt that I was a qualified and experience artist to be a judge for these students! And the next day, I was booked as a speaker at Boston University's Fashion club. It all happened so quickly, so naturally, and with such certainty.

Long story short, the winter SUCKS. Then suddenly, everything's alright. The sun shines again. The snow melts. The world keeps turning and we turn with it. 

I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Kristina Karina while in Florida last month. She's a talented photographer in the South Florida area, so definitely look her up if you're in need of portraits down there! All my favorite beachy jewels and outfit details are below :)

Outfit Details:

Bathing Suit: Aerie

Earrings: The Sacramento Dangle Earrings

Pendant Necklace: The Reno, Amazonite

Rose Gold Choker: The Miami Chevron Choker

Ring: The Denver

Leather Bracelet: The Austin Cuff

Rose Gold Bracelet: The Miami Chevron Bracelet

Statement Necklace: The Vegas

Photos by Kristina Karina