Item M6 & The 7 Collection

I recently learned about 2 emerging brands that totally spoke to me: The7Collection and Item M6. I'm an accessory girl through and through, so having high quality tights and statement scarves is my jam. 

Let's discuss these tights: basically, they're incredibly beautiful, but what's better is that they use shaping technology and compression to stimulate your blood flow and provide you with an energy boost. These tights emulate perfectly smooth skin from the moment they are on your body. They're basically magic.

The scarf by The7Collection is my new favorite statement item. The pattern uses some of my favorite colors and the surface is silky smooth. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing a scarf!

Hope you enjoy the full look. Details below!

Outfit Details:

Black Top: Free People

Sunglasses: H & M

Denim Cutoffs: Levi's

Tights: Item M6

Scarf: The7Collection

Boots: Timberland

Necklace: Ramblerose



photos by Rachel Leiner

FASHIONMaggie Antalek