Burn Out

If I've learned anything in this past year from being self-employed, it's that taking time for yourself to RELAX is so important. Trust me, I didn't learn it quickly. In fact, it's something I've only just learned recently. I reached the "burn out" stage many entrepreneurs face at some point in their careers, and it has been totally debilitating.

I know, this sounds intense and unhealthy. It has been. Finding yourself in a place where you don't feel motivated to work when you're usually motivated can be really scary. Luckily, I'm not one to idly stand by without fighting back. I've been focusing on taking time for myself. Yoga classes, seeing friends, reading, drinking tea, visiting family, and actually relaxing! Something I haven't done for, oh I don't know... a YEAR?! Seriously though- There have been times where I think I'm about to relax, but I really only lasted a couple hours until I felt guilty for not answering emails or planning social media posts.

So, all the crazy hours, travel, and stress have caught up with me, but now I'm making the changes I need to take care of myself. I'm working on Ramblerose at a more comfortable pace, recharging my batteries, and coming out stronger because of it. That being said, send all your favorite book and movie recommendations, because this girl just wants to CHILL for a second. 

Big thanks again to The Blue Mouse for the killer new hat that's helping me stay cozy through this cold spell! Outfit details below.

striped tank: similar top via Brandy Melville

Jeans: similar pair via Free People

hat: The Blue Mouse

sweater shawl: Chaser via

The Savannah Statement Necklace: Ramblerose

The Jericho Necklace: Ramblerose



Photos by Rachel Leiner