On the Go with Girlfriend Collective

I'm going to be really honest here: I absolutely LOVE putting together outfits for my fashion blog posts, but in reality, I'm typically running around like a maniac! I'm always on the move, and most days I'm sporting leggings, sneaks, and a sweatshirt. I've come to accept that there's NOTHING wrong with that, and there's still a way to look good even when you're wearing something for the purpose of comfort.

That's why when I came across Girlfriend Collective last fall, I HAD to get my hands on a pair of their socially conscious, luxuriously soft, high-waisted leggings. Sounds impossible, right? Well when people ask HOW they've created these leggings, their FAQ page jokes "Wizards," and then explains the magic behind these awesome pants. So basically, the team behind this brand is funny AND trying to change the world.

Each pair is made from 25 recycled plastic water bottles, which are broken down into tiny soft fibers and spun into thread. The leggings are made in their factories in Vietnam, where the plant is managed by a Vietnamese business woman. They stand by their SA8000 certification, meaning they provide fair pay, safe conditions, and the right to unionize. Their pay starts at 125% of the local minimum wage, so you know they are really trying to change the conditions of the industry overseas.

Besides the fact that everything about the creation of this product is AMAZING, they're also the most comfortable and soft pair of leggings I have ever worn. Keep watching out for the release of their spring line! I guarantee it's going to be killer.

favorite sneaks by  Vans

favorite sneaks by Vans

Outfit Details:

Leggings by Girlfriend Collective

Top from Tj Maxx, Similar style by Charlotte Russe

The Burlington Necklace by Ramblerose

Sneakers by Vans