Take Time for Love

Valentine's Day was always a celebrated holiday in my house growing up. Flowers and chocolates and an excuse to show your love? Count me in! It became especially important to my family upon the arrival of my little sis, Moira, whose birthday is Valentine's Day. I can't believe she's turning "sweet" 16 this year ;) 

As my business has grown, time for the little things like birthday notes, holiday cards and handmade sweets for special occasions has dwindled. I LOVE doing those things for my loved ones, but it always seems that the busy schedule takes over and suddenly, that special day has passed me by and I didn't even have time to think twice about it. It's so important to show those you love how much their encouragement means to you, especially through all the hardships of being an entrepreneur. I know my photos and stories make it all seem like fun and games, but it can be so draining.

For that, I am sorry, everyone! Last year was nuts, and I certainly didn't keep up with everything in my personal life as much as I should have. This year, I'm promising myself that I will sit down and take the time to do the thoughtful things I love to do for all the supportive people in my life. 

First step: Valentines! Even with my busy schedule, there's a way to make thoughtful Valentines for everyone I love. I bought some cute stickers at Target, some kraft paper cards and envelopes, and red ink for my Ramblerose Stamps! I sat myself down at Tatte bakery in Brookline to write these cards and got into the spirit with the new RED Jackson bolo and my new RED matte lip by Kat Von D. See all the details below. 

Outfit Details

Red Bolo Necklace: by Ramblerose

Embroidered Cuff: by Ramblerose

Denim Jacket: by American Eagle

White T Shirt: Design Lab by Lord and Taylor (similar style here)

Vegan Leather Pants: by Urban Outfitters

Leopard Slide on Sneakers: By Ugg

Hair Style: by Salon Bliss

Photos by Rachel Leiner