What Causes Growth & Success?

The answer, my friends, is love. LOVE what you do, and you will find your way to success.

I learned a lot this week when I met the newest (and first, other than myself!) member of the Ramblerose team. Rachel Leiner is a very talented photographer in her freshmen year at Boston UniversIty. I came across her Instagram profile and fell in love with her style and enthusiasm for the art. I mean, this girl has some REAL passion. And it has obviously paid off. She has had an impressive number of clients throughout her high school, and now early college, years. Her love for photography and her enthusiasm to create have caused her growth and success, even at such a young age. 

I see a lot of myself in Rachel, except that I fell in love with making jewelry about 4 years later in my life. She has a passion and a talent that I hope she can bring all over the world one day. When I discovered her profile and mentioned I might be looking for an intern, she was very excited to meet. We had our first session at The South End Buttery where we learned more about each other while she took some gorgeous shots to start us off. After only a short time, I knew we had so much to teach each other.

Her energy and LOVE for photography, fashion, and branding will bring Ramblerose the growth and success it needs in 2017. I couldn't be more excited to start our journey together! Keep following Ramblerose on Instagram to see the beauty she brings to this brand, or follow her personal photography Instagram to see more of her work.

On the topic of LOVE, we're getting really excited for Valentine's Day. No better way to celebrate than cappuccinos, red velvet cupcakes, and pink pants! Outfit details below.

Velvet Bodysuit from Lord and Taylor

Pink Jogger Pants from Primark

Amethyst Necklace from Ramblerose

Velvet Choker from Ramblerose

Quartz Cuff from Ramblerose




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