Bell Bottoms are Back: Not Mad About It.

I can't lie- when I was your typical 90s child and I spent the majority of my younger years shopping for bellbottoms at Limited Too (Ltd2, if you will.) So you can imagine my excitement when I heard BELLBOTTOMS WERE MAKING A COMEBACK! And you can imagine even MORE excitement when I found a pair by Free People in my size on sale at Lord and Taylor for $20.


That's right- if you know how to dig at Lord and Taylor, you can find amazing deals on Free people. I went shopping with my mom last month and found these beauties, which I promptly paired with my fav lace up tank from h & m, my new choker (perfect for the broke girl at only $12!), my comfy black hat, and the classic Monterey Cuff in black onyx. 

See all the outfit details and links below!


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Bell Bottoms: Free People (Link to same jeans but higher price at Bloomingdale's)

Choker: Ramblerose

Embroidered Bracelet: Ramblerose

Lace Up Tank Top: H&M (Link to the same top in white)

Black Hat: H&M (I bought mine at Marshall's but this one is very similar)

FASHIONMaggie Antalek