Beach Dreams

It's hard to ignore the most perfect sunset. Especially when you're spending that sunset on a beach with Stephanie Larsen. There seemed to be a million moments when I wished that golden light could stay the same forever, but then the next moment became more perfect than the last. We experienced a night like this in Cape Cod, MA. Our night started off with pizza on the beach. So basically, life couldn't get any better,

There was nothing left to do but admire the view and lounge on the tapestry.

But suddenly, the light turned golden and it was the epitome of perfection to show off The Vegas, which I was wearing that night. Stephanie pulled me down to the water to catch the rays.

We couldn't get enough of that light. Then everyone joined in!

So eventually, we headed back to our AirBnb for the night, but as we approached the driveway, we passed the most epic sky I've ever seen. So just a few more photos to cap off the most beautiful evening.

These are the summer moments I live for, especially throughout the winter months. Man, I will miss sunsets like this one! Big thanks to Stephanie Larsen for sharing her talents with the world. 


Outfit details:

Necklace by Studdly: The Vegas (in silver)

Top by Brandy Melville: The Maura Top

Jeans by Urban Outfitters (old style but these are similar): BDG Twig Crop High Rise