Saying Goodbye to Studdly

Don’t let the title of this post scare you. I promise, it’s not as morbid as it seems.

First, I want to thank you all for following my journey with Studdly. I’ve grown this business and pursued a creative career because all of you have made it possible with your constant support and encouragement. Many of you know the story behind the brand, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a little background:

I took a jewelry & metal smithing class while studying abroad in Italy in the spring of 2012 (see photo of a project, top left), and fell in love. I officially started Studdly as an Etsy shop in April of 2013, and went to my first outdoor craft show, SoWa, in May of 2014 (see top middle photo). I graduated from Northeastern University in December of 2015 with a BFA in graphic design, and took a job with ’47 working on the apparel production team. While working at ’47 was a great experience, I was creatively stunted. I worked on Studdly for long hours outside of my full time job, developing the brand, pushing myself to create new styles, and marketing to a greater audience. In the fall of 2016, I became a part of American Field, where I gained more exposure and eventually launched my own website, leaving the oversaturated crafting world of Etsy behind. And just like that, Studdly became a real business.

Now here I am, almost 6 months after leaving my full time job to give Studdly more attention, and big changes are happening. I want people to take my business, my brand, and my work as seriously as I do. That is why I have decided to officially change the name of my business. Note- changing the name ONLY, not the look, style or the jewelry that goes with it!

Studdly was a name that had originally come from my use of studs and leather. But over time, I have expanded my line to include so much more than that. I arrive at shows, people see my sign, and they are immediately confused until I explain the materials I use. They think of “studly,” the slang word for being macho. Once they understand where the name comes from, they giggle, make a joke about manly jewelry, or say “oh, that’s cute.” But this brand can’t be “cute” anymore. This brand needs to stand for everything that inspires me to create it.

So the first question I asked myself when deciding to rename was what does inspire this brand? That was the easy part; my desire to explore, my love for nature, and my joy at giving women an accessory that enhances their own beauty. The part that wasn’t so easy was coming up with an original name that could mean as much to me as Studdly has. 

I’ve been worried that Studdly fans wouldn’t be ready to follow me through this change, but I really hope you can find it in your hearts to support the products you love with a new name that represents them even better. I went back and forth on this decision many times, but eventually I was ready to move forward and to make this business the best it can be. After many tears and long discussions with some amazingly creative people, I have decided to rename my brand Ramblerose.

I have to give a huge thanks to Andrea, Louise, Abby and Bobby for helping me brainstorm for over two weeks before landing on a set of words that really meant something to me. They were truly the creative backbone of this project, and I love them to death for their passion in making this change happen.

Ramble- to walk, wander, and explore- represents a love for travel and the inspiration the wide world can bring. Rose- my middle name and a beautiful flower- represents a passion for nature and an appreciation for the outdoors.

I know this is A LOT to take in, so thank you for being patient and for understanding this major transition. To show you my appreciation, and to say goodbye to Studdly with a smile, please take 50% off the entire store through Friday using code RAMBLEROSE at checkout. It’s time to clear out that old inventory to make room for NEW Ramblerose items!

Keep in mind, that come Friday, this website will officially be Until then, find all the sale items at! If you type the URL incorrectly, don’t worry! It will automatically be redirected to the live site.

My Instagram will transition to and my Facebook page will change to /Ramblerose. You DO NOT have to re-follow anything! The accounts will stay the same, but the links will change to reflect the new names.

If you have any questions this week, feel free to email me at After Friday, please reach me at 

Change is tough. We all learn this as we move through our lives. Letting go is something we must do to move forward and to begin new chapters. This has not been an easy decision, but I hope you’ll all stand by me to ramble on with Ramblerose. 




Special thanks to Brass Tacks Photography for the announcement photos, and my parents, for their support and encouragement.

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