The Green Spaces of Vietnam

The flight was majorly delayed because, let's be honest here, we weren't exactly dealing with JetBlue. We knew the Vietnamese Airlines would be behind schedule and spent the day catching up in the airport. The flight was extremely quick and our ride to the hotel was less than 10 minutes. (Mind you, Louise has a data plan, so despite the language barrier, GPS navigation was somewhat easy. Tip: If you're going to Vietnam and you DON'T have data, screen-shot exactly what route you need to take to your hotel.)

Our arrival at MyPlace Siena was greeted with refreshing iced tea and a cute kitten running around the lobby. The whole place was quaint and quiet, with small bungalows lining a stone pathway. The entire resort is overflowing with tropical greenery and flowers. It was lush and heartwarming. The first night we hopped on a motorbike and rode toward town. After stopping for a sunset beach drink, we headed to Winston's for a delicious burger. We met the American owner himself to get the story on the place.

Each morning, we were provided with a simple complimentary breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit. We also ate with the cutest puppy and kitten, who belonged to hotel, so that was a major bonus.

On our first full day, we rented a motorbike from the hotel and rode toward the south coast of the island. We stopped for some delicious, cheap Pho along the way at a small family owned spot. They were clearly very excited to have 2 American tourists come by, so they smiled and took photos with us before we headed to Sao beach for the afternoon. The gorgeous white sands were soft on our feet and the landscape around us was rather breathtaking. 

After feeling certain we had enough sun and reading for the afternoon, we hopped on the bike and headed back to the main town, where we checked out the night market for some food. It was touristy and expensive so we looked around at some local food vendors and landed on a place called Gecko where we had some delicious drinks and veggie fried rice.

Our second 2 nights at MyPlace Siena were just as lovely as the first! Our room was pristinely clean and air conditioned. We even had a private outdoor shower, which was refreshing. The gardens were lush and provided for a great setting to take photos of my jewelry before we left! To top off the stay, the staff was beyond generous and very attentive. Highly recommended to anyone who is traveling to Phú Quốc!