It’s a well-known fact that finding your place in the world is hard; undeniably, unnervingly, and incessantly hard. In an ideal world, upon reaching adulthood, we will have discovered what we love to do, where we want to live, and who we want to spend our time with. I wish I was able to share the secrets to finding those things with you, but it appears to be a difficult trifecta to come by. I’m not saying I haven’t reached some level of satisfaction in each of those areas, but the reality is that we are ever-changing; we can want something so bad one day and completely dismiss it by the next.

In this past year, I’ve been lucky to find career balance and peace with where I call home. Even more importantly, though, I've met so many people who have helped me improve my business, my ambition, my creative process, and the best part, my general happiness. I've learned to surround myself with those who will help me grow. At some times, I almost had no choice. My two hands can only do so much and the help of my creative friends has been a complete lifesaver.

One of the special people who I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with is Stephanie Larsen. I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting her for the first time last fall, during my busy season. Stephanie is Boston-based Lifestyle and Fashion photographer, who gave me a priceless gift for any young business owner; beautiful photography to represent my products. And even more wonderful, this new friend has continued to photograph and promote my jewelry whenever she can. She’s a wonder to work with and a truly amazing woman. Her courage to take the leap of faith as a full time photographer is inspirational. At only 24 years old, her potential is endless. Hopefully I can be as cool as Stephanie Larsen one day. 

It’s hard to come by a photographer with the mindset of “You’ve got 20 minutes before you have to go to work? No problem, I’ll be up at sunrise, camera in hand.” And that’s what Stephanie did for me this week. On February 9th, in the freezing cold, Stephanie took me through the Squantum Marshes of Quincy, MA to capture some brand new pieces that I made this week. Despite the dreary winter skies and tight time frame, Stephanie worked her magic. She even let me wear her big, furry MINKPINK coat, which I was very excited about.

Stephanie knows exactly how to frame the shot, and give us "fake models" some real direction on how to pose properly. If you ever need some good portraits, this girl will help you look and feel fabulous.

So basically, here's how our morning went:

Me: (standing still, being awkward) Okay, now what.

Stephanie: (walks around, picks an angle) Okay, hands in your pockets, feet apart. Walk toward me. No, back up. Okay look over there. Okay LESS over there. Chin up, smile a little. Perfect.

And somehow, she created a perfect collection of images featuring my outfit and my new jewels. 

And finally, this outfit. Those of you who see me on a regular basis know that my style ranges from edgy to preppy to boho, but I always find a way to incorporate Studdly! And that's truly the secret to my outfits; accessories. You won't often see me wearing expensive designers but I do elevate my looks with my own brand of style.

  • Plaid Jacket: Old Navy
  • Cream Sweater: The Gap Outlet
  • Collared Undershirt: TJMaxx
  • Distressed Denim: Joie Jeans, revamped by Britnie Harlow
  • Brown Booties: Clarks

Thanks again to the talented Steph Larsen. Reach out to her for all your photo needs through her website, or feel free to email me with any questions about our session.