Wander with Ramblerose

Last month I had the pleasure of working with the awesome Luke Haag to produce this intro video about Ramblerose. I had been wanting to make a video for a long time about the passion behind my creations. Luke was kind enough to share his talents with me to bring this dream to life. 

We planned as much as could in advance, but most of the production was spur of the moment. The day before our shoot, we landed on Akron Falls Park in Western New York for our location. We arrived and set up with the help of Bobby and Riley, shortly followed by 3 of my closest childhood friends who agreed to be superstars for the day. They soon realized this meant being told to be "quiet on set" by director Luke and freezing their asses off while we did multiple takes. But it was all in good fun, and everyone was treated to drinks later on. 

Everyone involved in this creation have watched my brand grow since the early stages, and I couldn't have imagined better people to make my vision a reality.


to Emma, Lauren and Abby for being my models,

to Bobby for always carrying all the things and warming my hands between shots,

to Riley for taking awesome photos behind the scenes,

and lastly, to Luke, for making this video into a work of art well beyond my expectations.

Thanks for watching!



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