Working in Paradise: St. Barth's

To those of you who follow my Instagram or Facebook page, you've already seen some snippets of my trip to St. Barth's. It was filled with stunning views, delicious meals, and is certainly a place I will never forget.

To be clear, this trip wasn't exactly the fabulous vacation you might think- at least for me. I was actually there to WORK, believe it or not! Like many other entrepreneurs, I'm hustling constantly to secure financial stability for my business, expand my creative energy, and learn something as I go. Luckily, my side gig is working for a fabulous power mom, party planner and pro hustler, Seri Kertzner, owner of Little Miss Party Planner. If you haven't followed her on Instagram yet, you need to! It's an easy way to find quick styling tips, DIY decor, and a fabulous peek into the life of a NY party mom. 


LMP is located in Manhattan, so I typically work remotely as their freelance graphic designer. But on occasion, I make the trek to NYC for a week of creativity, styling, and event planning. For months we prepped for a client's 50th fabulous birthday party in St. Barth's, and lucky for me, Seri needed my help. 

Our clients had a beautiful vacation with 3 styled parties, and we enjoyed truffle croque monsieurs with rosé in between running around the island to set them up. We were exhausted, constantly, but we were also in heaven: secluded, exclusive, fabulous heaven. 

Between the private flights, the party on a yacht, and fabulous outfits everywhere we looked, we felt like celebrities. Or, at least we felt like the personal assistants to the celebrities. And then we got to meet a real one: Bebe Rexha. The night of our client's big party on their friend's yacht, Bebe made a surprise private performance. She's a total ROCKSTAR. I was so blown away by her talent and confidence, even in such an intimate setting.

I might not have any trips to paradise coming up for Ramblerose, but I am on my way to Atlanta and Nashville for American Field, so be sure to follow along on Instagram stories for live updates!