American Field, Stop 5: Nashville

I know I've mentioned this in every post, but I'm beyond lucky to have friends who love Ramblerose enough to travel around and help me participate in these shows. My great friend, Abby Copleston is a long time supporter of my jewelry- in fact, one of my earliest buyers and regular customer. Starting with our days at Noetheastern, our friendship has blossomed to be so much more. We enjoy working together with Little Miss Party, Brittany Lo, and of course, Ramblerose. This girl is majorly dedicated and I couldn't be more grateful to have her in my life.

That said, she trekked from NYC to Nashville to join in the American field fun. As usual, we spent most of the time searching for great murals to take photos in front of, enjoying cocktails, and chowing down on delicious foods. Most importantly in Nashville: BBQ. 

I don't think I need to even describe how much we enjoyed the food here. We also got a little taste of the music scene with a private tour of the Framus & Warwick showroom from my friend, Jon Giroux. He even let me pretend I was a rockstar for a hot second.

We also found our way to all the murals in reasonable distance. And took obnoxious amounts of photos. #WORTHIT

But most importantly, we had a great time together. All I can say is ABBY IS THE BEST! Looking forward to spending a week with her in NYC starting Friday. She will even be throwing me a Ramblerose party in Manhattan with Little Miss Party next week. Speaking of which... If you're in the NYC area, either come to American Field in Williamsburg at the Brooklyn Expo center OR email me for an exclusive invite to the Ramblerose Holiday Party in the West Village. SEE YOU SOON, NY!!!