Apparently Embroidery is a Thing Now.


Let's be real here- Ramblerose did it first. Embroidered embellishments have my thing for YEARS now, and I couldn't be happier about this trend making it's way into clothing. I don't know about you, but I'm seeing embroidered designs everywhere: my favorite places being on denim and bombers. I took the first opportunity I had to snag a pair of embroidered denim, and haven't looked back.

The first time I wore these jeans, I couldn't believe how many people loved them. I mean, I knew I liked embroidery, but I didn't realize the trend would bring on so much attention. What's even more exciting is that they were only about $30. I found mine on Glamorous, a UK based online store that shipped very quickly.

I waited for the perfect fall day to pull together an outfit and have a little fun in the leaves with my best friend Andrea, of Brass Tacks Photography. A simple black shirt, an American-made hat by Bailey Hats, a Ramblerose choker, my favorite wrap bracelet, and we were ready for an adventure.

This day made me remember the vibrancy falls brings to the world. I've been so wrapped up in traveling and creating for Ramblerose that I forgot just how beautiful this season can be. Big thanks to Andrea for spending this day enjoying the leaves before they're all swept away by the snow.



Maggie Antalek