Deserving Every Chance

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for our entire country. But in the end, it only took one touching sentence to bring a smile to my face:

"To all the little girls who are watching this: never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance in the world to pursue your dreams." - Hillary Clinton

Sometimes, the daily hardships of being an entrepreneur feel can be paralyzing; but the power of this sentence brought me to tears, knowing there are women out there who can get back up after falling so hard, put on a smile, and get back to WORK. With each hard day, when the to-do list seems impossibly long, I toy with the idea of going back to a corporate 9-5 job. Then there are days like yesterday, when I see a total girl boss like Hillary telling me (and all the other "little" girls) that I DESERVE this chance to do what I love; that I am POWERFUL; that I am VALUABLE; and that I can pursue my dreams. Because let's be honest, it is so much easier to doubt ourselves, to succumb to safety, than it is to pursue success. But today, I am feeling more motivated than ever to do what I love, and to do it without doubt that I deserve to.

So many opinions are being thrown around on social media, fights erupting over Facebook posts, hidden emotions behind the security of our screens. I think the biggest lesson we need to take away from this election is that screaming at others in caps lock online isn't going to make a change for our country: getting involved and VOTING will. I'm walking away from this week, into my weekend in Atlanta at American Field, with a smile on face knowing that I VOTED, and I did my best to make a difference, despite the outcome. 

However fearful we may be, we all have the chance to make a difference. There are many mistakes ahead for our country, so our best bet is to get involved, learn some lessons, and grow from the experience, despite how frightening it may be. So today, I'll smile. I'll keep working. I hope you will too.

Photos by Julianne Lesinski (a.k.a. @scarletroots)

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Ramblerose Jewelry:

The Manchester Choker: Red Velvet

The Burlington: Silver

The Memphis Cuff

The Dallas: Pyrite

Leather Bomber from Neiman Marcus (similar style at Macy's)

Maroon Velvet Bodysuit from Lord and Taylor (by Design Lab)

Embellished Denim by Paige (similar style on Paige website)

LOL hat by Primark (last season, no longer available)