American Field, Stop 3: Washington, D.C.

I want to start out by thanking everyone who came out to American Field in DC last weekend! Those busy weekends mean the world to us entrepreneurs, so thanks for keeping our spirits high. Even better than the crowds and sales was the company- the vendors, the AF staff, and Bobby. All these people give up their weekends to work for something they find truly important- supporting American Made businesses.

Without he AF staff, there would be no show. Shoutout to Ron and Mike for giving us whatever we needed, when we needed it. Big thanks to Naragansett for providing some great beer for the crowds. 

Without the vendors there would be nothing to see. I was back to back with our friend Owen at Brothers Artisan Oil. On the right side, I met a new friend Jordan, running Mizzen + Main. The guys at Half Hazard Press were on my left, and easily had the most impressive artistic ability of the entire show. Their illustration skills are out of this world, so definitely check them out. Stonehill Design brought their stellar light displays, as usual. Zach of Throne Watches was there to rep the group, showing off their brand new 2.0 design. La Matera, another new vendor friend, sells the most incredible watches and belts. If you like Aztec prints, you might want to buy yourself an early holiday gift!

Lastly, without Bobby, I wouldn't have made it through this weekend so easily. I wouldn't have been able to handle the number of sales coming in at once. I wouldn't have been able to take food breaks. I wouldn't have had the same confidence going into this weekend as I did. I guess I want to thank him the most for devoting his weekend to me, to Ramblerose, and for believing in me always. 

Besides working all through Saturday and Sunday, I was lucky enough to have a full day Friday with Bobby to eat some great food, visit the Hirshorn and the National Gallery of Art. We were pleasantly surprised that both have FREE admission- something we never see in Boston! I also spent some time capturing my adventures and these events, so here's a sneak peak of some clips from D.C.!

It's hard to say which items were most popular- I arrived back in Boston with almost NO jewelry left. But of course, the various chokers and bolos drew a lot of attention. There's no better feeling than leaving a show with lots of motivation to get making again!

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