American Field: Bring your Boyfriend OR Girlfriend

As many of you know, I've been showcasing Ramblerose at American Field this fall. So many people come by my booth and comment on the femininity of my jewelry compared to the masculine vibe of many of the other brands. And although this may be true, I've taken on a completely different approach to the unique items sold by the different vendors at AF. Why do these brands HAVE to feel masculine? In this day and age, almost all apparel can be made unisex. I prove it on a regular basis when my boyfriend and I show up places and I realize we are wearing the same outfit... typical. 

The difference is HOW we style our clothes to make them fit our gender. In my opinion, pairing a men's shirt or bulky socks with my outfit is a total power move. The confidence these outfits bring me is just as feminine as a sexy black dress and stilettos. 

Bobby shopped around at American Field Boston and since then, we've both found a way to wear every piece he purchased. Watch and learn ladies, pretty soon you'll be digging into the closet of your significant other.

ITEM #1:

The 5oz Pocket Tee (Signature Camo) by Ball and Buck


Bobby played it simple- this tee is manly as it is, so a basic pair of black jeans, sneakers, and his favorite plaid hat pulled his outfit together. 

This tee help me pull off the girly badass look. I kept the outfit in a 4:2 ratio of feminine to masculine pieces. My feminine pieces included: 1. edgy jewelry (Manchester Choker & Monterey Cuff), 2. Cropped denim jacket, 3. Velvet miniskirt, 4. Rounded frame sunnies. In contrast, my masculine pieces were: 1. Camo Pocket Tee, 2. Converse boots.

ITEM #2: 

Van Buren Bowtie by Bowline Co.


Bobby loves a good bowtie; especially one with a stellar pattern. He went with a casual fall look, with a gray button down, navy chinos, and is favorite maroon sweater.

I found a great scallop edged collared dress, the Austin Cuff with pyrite, and red flats for a pop of color.

ITEM #3: 

Oregon City Blanket Socks by American Trench


We're both fans of wool, patterned socks and basically wait all year to be able to throw them on with our favorite blue jeans and brown boots. As usual, we end up matching accidentally... 

ITEM #4: 

The Hunter's Shirt, Allagash by Ball and Buck


The minute fall hits, we're all about the plaid. Bobby pairs his with hats and denim, while I typically style it as an accessory. Whether I tie it around my waist or wear it over a plain black top, flannel shirts have become an essential layering item for me when the weather cools down. To add just a little sparkle, I added my favorite necklace, The Santa Monica in Labradorite.

The point is, clothes can be made into just about anything you want them to be. Style them up, style them down, and make it WORK. 

Come on down to American Field at Union Market if you're in the D.C. area this weekend! Bobby and I will both be there rocking our favorite American made brands.