Just a girl looking for a little adventure, a lot of nature, and some energetic gems to wear along the way.

Ramblerose, by Maggie Antalek

Maggie is 24 years old and has a serious passion for the art of hand-crafted jewelry. With roots in Buffalo and operations based in Boston, Ramblerose (formerly Studdly) is a northeast jewelry line that Maggie has been working on since the spring of 2013. Her skills have been in the works since her early days at summer camp as a child, but have grown enormously since taking her first jewelry course while studying in Florence, Italy. Maggie has been in Boston since starting school at Northeastern University in 2010, and is still finding ways to draw inspiration from her surroundings there. But to Maggie, Ramblerose is more than just creating a beautiful piece of jewelry; it's about the act of making each piece with love and care.

"Ramblerose is a brand based on true friendship and craftsmanship. There was always something special about weaving a friendship bracelet and handing over the creation to your best friend. From the time I set foot at summer camp, I couldn’t stop giving out bracelets to anyone who would wear them. Years later, I’ve used this craft in combination with studs, leather, and gemstones to make the most durable friendship bracelets around. Ramblerose represents all the beautiful things about spending your life giving as much as you can to those around you and expecting nothing in return." 

Handmade Promise

Each necklace and bracelet is designed and assembled by Maggie with a thorough attention to detail. Each piece has unique qualities, and customization is her specialty. Don't be afraid to reach out to customize your own Ramblerose piece. All gems, leathers, embroidery, and metals are interchangeable, and Maggie is more than happy to help your vision become a reality.

Follow the journey

Maggie is learning the ins and out of being an entrepreneur while exploring her love for fashion, food, and travel. Check out more stories on The Ramblerose Blog, follow her on Instagram, or join the Ramblerose email list (at the bottom of any page on this site)!


Ramblerose is always on the move. Currently touring with American Field, and popping up at various Boston holiday markets. Feel free to reach out with suggestions for upcoming opportunities. Know about a great show that's fits the Ramblerose aesthetic? We would love to come! All inquiries can be directed via email to info@ramblerose.co or by submitting the contact form below. 

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me with any product questions, for potential festival and business opportunities, or to just say hi! Either fill out the form below of email me at info@ramblerose.co: