Customize your own

Every Ramblerose piece is unique and made-to-order, but sometimes you just need something extra special. Get inspired and create an original Ramblerose piece. Use your own imagination or feel free to re-design an existing Ramblerose creation. Ramblerose will work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams at a custom price point reflecting the materials you choose.


All Ramblerose materials are unique in their own way, based on leather grains, gemstone availability and embroidery patterns.

All Ramblerose leather is sourced from a small family-owned shop in Buffalo, NY. The leather is treated and purchased domestically, with the exception of rare custom styles that are dyed overseas. Even as the leather of your Ramblerose ages, the durability stands the tests of time ensuring you get the longest wear out of your Ramblerose pieces.

When creating a custom bracelet, you may specify your preference on metal color; whether you prefer gold tones, silver tones, or even a mix of both. When it comes to embroidered details, the sky is the limit!


Ramblerose specializes in pendant gemstones, statement pieces and delicate chokers. Most stones and chains are interchangeable and can be customized to fit you perfectly

I'd love to create a special custom piece for you! Either fill out the form below or email me at